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Welcome to Ugly Christmas Site. This site is intended to celebrate ugliness, holidays, and we technology. So sit back and enjoy the HTML show! While this is indeed an ugly website, it is also a serious "Christmas" website, with useful xmas-related information! So Happy Holidays Merry Christmas ya flthy animal!

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Bad Santa

Naughty Santa

Humping ReindeerHumping ReindeerHumping Reindeer

Worst Christmas Gifts

  1. Phallically-Shaped objects
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Christmas Sweaters
  4. Self Help/Affirmation CD's or Books
  5. Used Socks
  6. Shaving products
  7. Hair Dyes
  8. Lawn Ornament(s)
  9. Christmas Sweaters
  10. Easily-breakable toys

(Good) Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Tablets/e-Readers
  2. Silverware
  3. Trendy Shades
  4. Jewelry/Watches
  5. Camping/Hunting Products
  6. Cool Digital Clock
  7. Gift Cards
  8. Desk Items
  9. Cologne/Perfume
  10. Digital Photo Albums

Worst Christmas Film: Christmas Caper

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